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Industrial workstations: how to meet specific needs

Industrial workstation: how to meet a specific need

Are you looking for industrial workstations that are resistant, durable, safe and tailored to your specific needs? DEA’s workstations are individually designed based on each customer's specific needs. Find out our personalized solutions!

Create your own workshop cabinet systems with modular furniture

Crea i tuoi sistemi di armadi per officina con gli arredi modulari

If you have to furnish your garage work spaces with new cabinets, we suggest you choose modular systems that ensure many advantages and peerless convenience. Learn how to make your workstations efficient and exclusive with DEA Worklab.

Industrial worktables for production and assembly lines

Banconi da lavoro industriali per linee di produzione e montaggio

What is the risk of crowding a production and assembly line with numerous loose pieces of industrial furniture? That of creating confusion, both in the workspace and in operators’ minds. This article explains the importance of furnishing your industrial environment with work tables, introducing the features and advantages of DEA solutions.

Which garage trolley is right for you? DEA models and their benefits

Quale carrello da officina scegliere? I modelli DEA e i loro vantaggi

Choosing one or more trolleys to keep in the workshop is not an easy commitment. Select only quality furniture to make the right purchase and reap the short and long-term results. Discover the DEA line of garage trolleys and what makes them so efficient.

Modular workshop furniture: what's the best solution?

Modular workshop furniture: what's the best solution?

Modular workshop furniture has the advantage of optimising space and allowing for extreme customisation of the installation. But where to start when choosing the number and types of units most suitable for your workshop? We can help you get started, with the first criterion being the specific area where the units will be installed.

Workshop cabinet: find the one best suited to you

Workshop cabinet: find the one best suited to you

In the workshop, having a cabinet for storing tools, semi-finished parts and parts ready for delivery is the ideal solution for organising everything in the best possible way and always having what you are looking for at hand. Choosing the workshop cabinet that best meets your needs, however, is not a simple task. Take a look at the DEA offers and follow this short guide to find out which cabinet is the right one for you.

Industrial metal drawer units: all the DEA models

Industrial metal drawer units: all the DEA models

DEA industrial metal drawer units have all the features you’re looking for: durability, capacity, security systems, variety and versatility. Let's find out more about the product range and the customization possibilities.

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