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Motorsport workshop set-up | DEA for EF Racing

DEA for EF Racing: a high performance challenge

DEA’s motorsport workshop set-ups are getting to the heart of racing fans. Let’s discover together why in this new execution for the multiple prizewinning ...

NADA 2022: thanks for participating!

NADA 2022: grazie per aver partecipato!

The NADA Show was a success! We are pleased to share this unique experience with you. The event took place in Las Vegas March 10-13, and it was the first t...

The metal workshop cabinets recommended by experts

Gli armadi metallici per officina consigliati dagli esperti

Enriching the workshops with furniture with a refined design, but at the same time resistant, is an absolutely achievable goal: reach your goal with metal workshop cabinets. Learn how to make your workstations unique and efficient with DEA Worklab's wide range of metal workshop cabinets.

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