Joe Duffy Group and DEA | A partnership lasting 7+ years

Joe Duffy Group e DEA | Un rapporto che dura da più di 7 anni

This article is about the loyal business of one of our customers and the mutual trust that runs between us. This customer is the largest group of auto dealers in Ireland: Joe Duffy Group.

We really want to share the story of our relationship of 7+ years because it makes us proud to have a company of this caliber in our base and receive their acknowledgment and appreciation for the value we bring with our car workshop furnishings and fit-out services.

A few words about the Joe Duffy Group

In 1970, when Joe Duffy and Bill Thompson set up a small garage and service station in a small lot in Dublin 11, it never crossed their mind that would be the beginning of a success story lasting over 50 years.

They were undoubtedly pioneers in their services and customer-centric approach and were clearly ahead of their time when they installed the first automatic car wash in Ireland.

Today, under the leadership of CEO Gavin Hydes and with 17 car makes, 21 franchises, 22 locations nationwide and a staff of 610 strong, Joe Duffy Group is Ireland’s largest auto dealership network.

DEA and Joe Duffy Group - Nurturing loyal business 

The Joe Duffy Group reached out to us in 2015 because the spaces of their Porsche Service Department in Dublin needed a complete redo.

The Group was looking for something more than technical furnishings. It wanted a unique fit-out that combined functionality, attention to detail and furniture unit customization.

The DEA Team impressed the customer with their fresh approach, comprehensive advice and turnkey service and exceeded expectations with their functional workspace solutions.

When customers decide to put themselves in our hands, they are choosing a comprehensive consulting service that includes:

  • a visit to the customer’s site to look at the space in detail and understand every operation that will be performed in that space
  • an interview with the customer, to get a clear picture of their goals and choose the furniture units to achieve them
  • a 3D rendering for a preview of how the space will look
  • a virtual presentation with the customer

Once the project is finalized and approved, we begin production of the furnishings at our manufacturing site in Italy.

There’s more. Of the many services we offer, our turnkey service was one that the Joe Duffy group would not compromise on. This is where our team of specialized technicians carries out every step of the installation stage with painstaking care, including training of staff so they can enjoy the fit-out to the fullest without concerns.

In fact, along with creation of high-design car workshop furnishings, the DEA service package includes: 

  • handling of units with special suction cup lifters during installation
  • unit assembly
  • installation of the fit-out
  • staff training on how to use and maintain the units
  • testing and final demonstration

The quality of our high-design workshop furnishings and services to achieve a high-end fit-out was immediately clear to the staff of the Porsche Service Department in Dublin. And they put their trust in our expertise during every step of the process described above.

After-sales service for Joe Duffy

After completing the fit-out at the Porsche Service Department, the work done by our Team was admired by owners of other Joe Duffy Group dealerships. 

This led DEA to fit out five other Service Departments of the Group across Ireland, including those of Jaguar, BMW and Audi dealerships.

The Joe Duffy Group was very satisfied of their experience with us and ever since, we have built a relation of mutual trust and respect based on our shared passion and attention to customer needs.


Seven years have passed since our first fit-out for Joe Duffy and the modular high-design furnishings installed are still intact.
If you’re looking for innovative furnishings for your car workshop with an aesthetic and reliability unlike any other in the world, reach out to us. 

We will be happy to walk you through the services and car and motorsport workshop furnishings that have made us famous around the world.

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