The New Industrial Facility and Industry 4.0

The new industrial facility and industry 4.0

In the previous article, we provided an overview of DEA’s new manufacturing facility in Italy.
Now we get to dive into the specifics of this impressive investment.

DEA - A smart Factory

After subscribing to the National Business 4.0 Plan, DEA made the decision to build a smart Factory and invest in the best technology the market had to offer.

What does it mean?
It means that DEA went in search of innovative ways to connect machinery, resources and people in the new production environment and along the entire production chain.

It means a completely automated facility, with an even more efficient product quality control. 
This is DEA’s way of reiterating its commitment to serve the needs of the global market in this period of raw material and energy resource crisis, putting out there its comprehensive product range and reputable production capabilities

“We are the manufacturer of all our products. This is very important and crucial for us. We have always aimed to be a great player in the market and now, with the new investments made, we are even more driven.”
CEO - Lino Di Betta

The words of our CEO leave little room for doubt: DEA is fixed on achieving the highest levels of international competitiveness.

DEA and the fourth industrial revolution

The challenge of the fourth industrial revolution is not in replacing humans with machines, but in enabling people and digital systems to dialog with each other
That’s why in order to develop greater flexibility and better problem-solving capabilities at every stage of the manufacturing process, DEA insisted on having its technicians learn new specific skills.

While it’s a fact that new automation technologies improve manufacturing processes, we also know that they require well-trained and equally responsive human resources. 

At DEA, we are convinced that to ensure smooth sailing in the uncharted waters of digital transition we need to build skills and train professionals to take a leadership role.

The story behind the new facility

DEA invested in a state-of-the-art production facility in its pursuit of becoming a world leading manufacturer of high-end workshop and industrial furnishings.

We have historically targeted the highest end of the market and our customer base includes some of the world's most important automakers as well as major global players of industry.
DEA could have invested abroad but it chose to keep its operations in Italy instead, the place to be for world-renowned and highly-respected industrial design capabilities and know-how.
Thanks to the synergy with the Italian government and a number of institutional actors in the Marche region, DEA was able to build a production site that represents a crown jewel in the global landscape of high-design furniture industries.

This was DEA’s largest-ever investment.

Articles in the pipeline

In our upcoming articles we’ll talk about the different areas that make up the production facility and about new service, technical and aesthetic results:

  •  1 warehouse with a wide assortment of raw materials
  •  1 cutting area
  •  1 bending area and welding area
  •  1 powder painting system (20 minutes per finished piece!)
  •  3 assembly lines
  •  1 final packaging line

DEA places customer’s needs at the center of its strategic choices, as it has always done. 
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