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I Risultati di Servizio - Nuovo Polo DEA

The first question a potential customer asks us when we meet – intrigued by the innovative design of our furnishings – is almost always the same:
“Where do you manufacture your products?”
This question is revealing of some of the needs that are essential to customers planning a new fit-out for their industrial department or car/motorcycle workshop:
delivery and installation time
reliable partner
flexibility all along the road to implementation
Something we know for sure is that to increase the productivity of a manufacturing company or a car workshop, continuity is the winning factor.
Production activities begin to slow down the moment a company makes the decision to refurbish their work spaces. It is inherent to the process and true for industries and car/motorcycle workshops alike, to give technicians the chance to install the new furnishings. This means that profits won’t be maximized during that period.
To plan out the new opening and the resumption of the normal pace, it is essential for the company not only to know how long it will take to complete the refurbishment, but also to choose a trustworthy partner that will deliver and install within the agreed time.
That’s why we are often asked if we make our furnishings in-house.
And we are happy to answer: Yes!
DEA is well aware of these needs and came to realize that owning a Factory was the best move to break free from the chains of market trends and resources crises.
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What’s the impact of the new production facility?

As we already pointed out, meeting the completion deadlines for an important project like the refurbishment of a work space is crucial.

With its new facility, DEA has established itself at the highest levels, from a competitiveness perspective, in the production of high-end modular furnishings for industrial and automotive environments.

Let’s look in detail how we have responded to the needs mentioned earlier.

Delivery and installation time

When DEA technicians define the time frame required to deliver and complete the refurbishment, they don’t depend on other suppliers for raw or other materials, or on contingencies.

The new DEA factory has a large raw materials warehouse that enables us to make our furniture fully independent of conditions.

DEA guarantees a stock of materials that makes it possible to continue production no matter what kind of resources crisis is happening. No unwelcome surprises!

This is critical because customers are reassured they have a trustworthy partner by their side and that the time to completion is accurate and will be met.

Superior reliability

When you choose DEA you choose a design service that identifies the best composition for you very quickly and uses photorealistic renders to let you see what the final fit-out will look like.

From the initial request to design a new space, to the actual refurbishment, you can count on us as a reliable partner to walk you through the process of optimizing your spaces.

High level of flexibility

Flexibility is another crucial strength and reason to choose DEA to design and fit out your industrial department or car workshop.

What do we mean by that?

Flexibility for us is providing our customers with impeccable service, studying each station to maximize usability, and ensuring delivery of our furnishings without being affected by market trends or scarcity of resources and raw materials.


In this third part of the series on DEA’s new production facility in Italy, we shared with you the remarkable standards we set for ourselves in terms of service to our customers.

The world is in a period of major changes, making it essential to forge relationships with reliable suppliers that make on-time performance a commitment.

Reach out to us if you’re looking for a fast and reliable partner for your new car workshop or industrial department fit-out.

Thanks to our new industrial facility, you can be even more sure of our business integrity and ability to deliver precise and on-time work.

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