Worktop for 1 Module


Worktop with opening to fit the sink, module to be applied above 1 DEA module (90 or 110 series).

The worktop is made of 2 mm thick sheet metal folded four times, of welded in the corners for additional reinforcement and of 2 omega bars along the entire length of the module. The bars can also be used to pass piping and power cables.

The worktop is covered in scratch-proof DCT/ABS to make it resistant to scratches, mineral oils, fuels, acids, etc.

All the components are polyester powder coated.

Furthermore, there are pre-cuts in the shorter sides that can be easily opened during the installation phase in order to feed in oil pipes, electrical cables, water and air hoses, etc.

Worktop module for 1 modules with:

  • opening to fit the sink;
  • 2 mm thick sheet metal;
  • 2 omega bars;
  • Possibility of feeding electrical cables and air hoses for connecting to the local systems;
  • DCT/ABS protection;
  • Polyester powder coating;
  • Possibility of installing a vice by bolting it directly to the work surface at every point.
installed in
  • Auto Repair Shops (mechanical, diagnostics, tyre/wheel alignment, pre-delivery, receiving, engines and transmission areas)
  • Motorcycle Repair Shops
  • Body Shops (pulling, dismantling, pre-delivery, receiving areas)
  • Workshops
  • Industrial Facilities
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