Workshop Cupboards

DEA workshop cupboards are the perfect storage solutions for different objects: large spare parts, small parts, power tools, all special equipment and documents. New sliding doors reduce the dimensions, making our cupboards perfect even for smaller workshops.


Let’s see our workshop storage cupboards main characteristics.

DEA storage cupboards: spacious and resistant

First, our cupboards are highly capacious, allowing you to store even the biggest tools. To guarantee their capacity, closets with two compartments have no internal shoulder between them; in addition, you can choose the fittest height of the shelves, so that even the highest tools can be stored without problems.

The panels are reinforced with bars to hold even the major weights (a feature that makes our cupboards and cabinets ideal for heavy duty works), and all components are covered with epoxy powder. The handles are made of aluminium: firm grip on every occasion, even when your hands are dirty with grease or oils.


Workshops cupboards with adjustable elements

Another feature of our garage storage cupboards is their adaptability to different spaces and needs; the feet, for example, are easily adjustable to offer more than one guarantee:

  • The extreme ease in keeping the floor below them clean;
  • The certainty of having documents and tools safe, even in the event of liquid spillage on the ground;
  • The possibility of aligning them with other elements of the furniture, such as drawers or worktops.

Moreover, the practical keyholes in the panelling make it possible to hang even the most particular tools.


Workshop cupboards for increased safety

Every DEA workshop storage cupboard has a lock: you can be sure that tools and materials are always safe, not lost or used by an unauthorized technician, saving unpleasant incidents.

The locks also represent an extra security if you want to store confidential documents in the cabinet.