Do you need to
set up your
motorcycle workshop?

A new service

Do you need to set up your new motorcycle workshop? Or renovate your actual one?
DEA is at your disposal to provide you a new tailor-made and unique service: the design and the production of complete, integrated and customized fittings.

Setting up a new motorcycle workshop from the beginning, requires a wide variety of knowledge and skills, coordination and interaction between the various suppliers.
When this doesn’t happen, both organization and productivity of the workshop are not efficient.

With a unique service, we design and build your motorcycle workshop from the first stage. The result? A turn-key workshop! 

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Our products
Complete fittings

Equipment, tools, modular furniture and extraction systems: we take care of everything.

With the turnkey set-up service, we provide you with all the necessary components to create a modern, functional and high-level motorcycle workshop:

  • equipment (lifts, support stands, tyre changers, wheel balancers) and tools
  • work benches and modular workshop furniture
  • gas exhaust and dust extraction systems
  • systems for the distribution of fluids and energies.

The product range is wide: whatever are your specific needs, we have instruments able to satisfy them. We take care of everything, to facilitate your everyday work.

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Maximum integration

We design integrated fittings on all levels, to ensure the maximum production yield.

Completeness also passes through integration. Equipment, furniture and systems are perfectly integrated.
They match.
They communicate.

The workshop becomes an efficient and functional organism, uniform, ergonomic and simple to use. Work is more fluid, and productivity grows spontaneously.

The essential requirement is a careful planning phase. With the accurate and precise development of a 3D project, we fully express the potential of your workshop and guarantee you the maximum production efficiency.

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100% custom

The equipment’s setting reflects the soul of your brand: personalization is in every detail.

Every project is customized: the design and construction of your motorcycle workshop is based on your specific needs, even the most particular ones.

We follow the upgrade of the product at every stage, and the customization join all the steps: from when we choose the ideal configuration, based on the size of the premises, till we paint the furniture and lifts with the distinctive colors of your brand.

The image of your workshop will completely match the values of your brand

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