Workshop cabinet: find the one best suited to you

Workshop cabinet: find the one best suited to you

In the workshop, having a cabinet for storing tools, semi-finished parts and parts ready for delivery is the ideal solution for organising everything in the best possible way and always having what you are looking for at hand. Choosing the workshop cabinet that best meets your needs, however, is not a simple task. Take a look at the DEA offers and follow this short guide to find out which cabinet is the right one for you.

When it comes to furnishing a workshop in a highly functional way, a simple metal cabinet is certainly not enough if you want to raise the bar and aim high with your work. In addition to the more practical aspects (storage capacity, number of shelves and doors, etc.), other aspects that are often overlooked must also be taken into account: quality materials, resistant to shocks and impacts, masterfully crafted finishes, accessories that increase the functionality of the workstations.

In short, a series of elements that, when combined, make it possible to increase productivity and return on investment over the years.

That being said, how can you find the perfect cabinet, or cabinets, for your workshop?

The DEA range of special workshop cabinets and doors

To meet all storage needs, DEA has designed more than 20 different types of workshop cabinets and doors, with retractable doors to avoid obstructions when open, with reduced depth for use as computer workstations, or designed to integrate columns or lift consoles, or with flat bottoms to accommodate trolley-mounted tools.

The wide variety of elements and customisations that complete each workshop cabinet allow us to organise each workstation in garages and body shops in the best possible way. DEA's offering includes modules:

  • with single, double door or with roller shutter to use every inch of space in the most optimal way;
  • with heights of 90, 110 or 200 cm, depending on the desired capacity;
  • with worktop or sink, to increase its usability;
  • with height-adjustable shelves to neatly store and catalogue instruments and documents.

workshop cabinets by dea

A guide to choosing a workshop cabinet

how to choose a workshop cabinet

To find out what features the perfect workshop cabinet should have, start with the basics: answer these simple questions.

Do you have limited space available?

If your answer is yes, then choose a workshop cabinet with guides that slide inwards. In fact, thanks to the sliding doors, you can position your workshop cabinet in cramped spaces, because you don't need large spaces to open the compartments and have all the contents in front of you.

Want to position your workshop cabinet close to electrical cables?

If you want to place your cabinet in a corner of the workshop where power cables run, choose a model that allows cables and hoses to run inside the sides or the worktop. In this way, in addition to having a workshop cabinet for storing parts and tools, you will also have a system for sorting electrical cables, making the entire workspace safer.

Need lots of space to store workpieces and tools?

If you want to store a large number of bulky materials in a workshop cabinet, choose a model with double doors. This increases the amount of space available inside. Furthermore, the double door system does not require the presence of a connecting element between the two internal compartments, and therefore even allows for larger tools and workpieces to be stored inside.

Are your hands often dirty?

If you and your employees often have grease and oil on your hands (which is very common in a garage or body shop), choose a cabinet with ergonomic handles. Opening the doors is child's play even with slippery hands and gloves. Moreover, the handles of a perfect workshop cabinet make opening and closing faster and extend the life of the doors.

Does the cabinet need to be raised off the ground?

If the floor of your workshop is often dirty or damp, choose a cabinet with adjustable feet. These elements allow you to keep it raised off the floor just enough to keep the surface underneath clean and to safeguard the contents of your cabinet if liquids spill on the floor

workshop cabinet adjustable feet


Discuss your needs with us and we will suggest the workshop cabinet that best suits you. You can browse our complete catalogue or you can ask for a consultation and leave everything to our experts.

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