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Dear colleagues and friends,

This difficult situation, that we are facing today, related to the world health, without any doubts is testing everyone of us in a very strong way. Its testing our solidity and ability to stay on the market and our ability to get back on our feet.

We will have the chance to get to know ourselves even better, the strength of our work its connections and beyond.

We will better understand who we are, who our suppliers and customers are, who our colleagues are; everything is under a very difficult test.

Work it’s a crucial part of our life, and at this time for reasons not depending on us, we are deprived of the possibility of exercising it. This virus very democratically, puts everyone on the same level but the reaction that every one of us will have, compared to what is happening, will be different and will make a selection.

Our company is in a position to give continuity to existing business relationships, to the highest quality of your service. We are a prepared, equipped and organized team able to meet your needs, that we hope will reach us even in this difficult moment.

What we can do together is for sure is try to give continuity to our work, to our commercial relationships, to our orders that, although in difficult conditions, we can and must try to carry on.

From our side we can guarantee you that the above mentioned is happening in a safety way and we hope that you, together with us can follow up on the needs of your customers, because keep in mind that sooner or later this virus will end, while our work, our relationships, our companies must continue on their path.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are always here to serve you!

Lino Di Betta

Lino Di Betta
AuthorLino Di Betta

Ispiratore DEA Italian Worklab

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