Industrial worktables for production and assembly lines

Banconi da lavoro industriali per linee di produzione e montaggio

What is the risk of crowding a production and assembly line with numerous loose pieces of industrial furniture? That of creating confusion, both in the workspace and in operators’ minds. This article explains the importance of furnishing your industrial environment with work tables, introducing the features and advantages of DEA solutions.


The advantages of work tables 

Why is it important for an industrial production and assembly environment to be furnished with work tables? Because work tables facilitate operations, optimising space and reducing downtime. 

The workspace remains clean and tidy thanks to work tables, tailored to the available space, making it easier for operators to carry out their duties.


DEA worktables: functional, modular and customisable

DEA worktables stand out for their modularity: for this reason, we are able to offer both single worktables and multi-module worktables, equipped with everything needed for production and assembly lines to work easily and in total safety.


To create resistant and functional industrial worktables, DEA uses different modules, which can be configured in a completely customised way, according to need. Let's take a look at some examples:

  • Drawer units: safe and resistant furniture, equipped with drawers and specially designed to store nuts and bolts, small tools and measuring instruments in an orderly manner;
  • Workbenches and worktops: furniture equipped with a practical shelf, ideal for the passage of electric cables and air pipes, or for storing a PC and printer. Our worktops, resistant to scratches, mineral oils, petrol and acids, can be placed over tables and equipped with vice mounts
  • Cupboards: tall and capacious furniture, ideal for the storage of materials, spare parts and bulky tools, available both with doors and with motorised shutters;
  • Ecological containers: removable containers with several compartments, ideal for separate waste collection;
  • Wall furnishings panels to hold monitors or perforated panels for tools equipped with shutter or door; 
  • Fluid and power distribution: modules designed to house water, electricity and air reels, equipped with electrical sockets.

Each of the individual modules used to construct and equip DEA worktables is available in a wide range of different heights, widths, depths and configurations, ideal for satisfying the most diverse needs.


Why choose DEA worktables?

What are the characteristics that make DEA worktables the ideal solution for the industry?

  • They have a wide range of sizes and dimensions;
  • Drawers and shelves guarantee great capacity;
  • They are equipped with automated and sliding elements;
  • Worktable modules can be equipped with anti-tipping systems, for an extra degree of safety, upon request; 
  • They have reinforced frames;
  • They are fully modular, which allows them to be rearranged in different ways depending on the available space, also with a view to possible future extensions.

Are you interested in DEA worktables and would like to find out how they can adapt to your work environment? Contact us for a personal consultation!


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