Workshop forniture: when design meets practicality

Workshop forniture: when design meets practicality

A beautiful, clean and tidy repair shop conveys trust to customers and convinces them to choose you as their partner. When shopping for workshop forniture you have to be attentive to the look of workbenches, cabinets and tool trolleys...but also to their practicality, to avoid the mistake of having an elegant yet impractical shop.

Play it safe with DEA workshop forniture because its solutions are:


DEA repair shop solutions are made with quality materials and finished to resist shocks and the various stress typical of a repair shop. DEA workshop forniture are thus ideal because long-lasting and reliable.


You can create tailor-made furniture with DEA workshop forniture thanks to the modular solutions, perfect for your space that let you best exploit every inch and, above all, keep storage and work spaces tidy, where nothing is left to chance.

Designed to be used

DEA repair shop solutions are designed to be used every day and thus the main feature of each component is practicality. From custom tool compartments to recycling systems and tool drawers, each single door or drawer is used in DEA workshop forniture to maximise your investment.


What could be better than your logo and colours on your workshop forniture? You can customise your workbenches, tool trolleys, cabinet doors and more with DEA to convey your identity in each component so that anyone who enters your shop remembers your name.


Streamline and elegant lines, meticulously designed, such as corners, wheels and handles. DEA workshop forniture are not just practical but also accurate and well-designed like the services you offer your customers.

What are you waiting for? Call 0039 0522 1533038 to start designing your beautiful and practical workshop forniture now!

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