Tailor-made industrial equipment: discover DEA!

Custom industrial equipment: discover DEA!

Industrial production and assembly lines are often the most chaotic part of a production company: loose parts, random furniture layout, tools stored without criteria. Why not make sure that work areas also reflect the highest standards of order and cleanliness? DEA can help you with tailor-made industrial equipment. Find out more about our models!

Clutter and chaos are not an advantage in any context, and even less in industrial production and assembly lines. After all, we know: that physical order also helps mental order, promoting operator productivity and concentration.

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Increase productivity with DEA industrial equipment

DEA, specialised in the supply of tailor-made industrial furnishings, does just that: it creates completely customised industrial equipment, ideal for setting up work areas and assembly lines in a clean and orderly manner.

Let's take a closer look at the industrial equipment most popular with DEA customers.

Drawer units

Among our industrial equipment, drawer units are undoubtedly our flagship piece. It is compact and resistant furniture, available in a very wide range of heights and sizes, equipped with practical drawers in which you can neatly store small parts, small tools and measuring instruments, but also documents or files.

drawer units


Our workbenches are open furniture, available in different heights, widths and sizes, ideal to house PCs and printers, and designed to allow the passage of electrical cables or air pipes.



The DEA worktops, made of 2 mm thick sheet metal, folded four times, and equipped with welds in the corners and 2 omega reinforcement bars along the entire length of the module, are a real workbench. There is a DTC cover in the upper part of the worktop which makes it resistant to scratches, mineral oils, gasoline, acids etc. and easy to clean.


Tool trolleys

Our tool trolleys are wheeled furniture, equipped with wheels and drawers, which allow the operator to always have the industrial equipment he needs on hand. The trolleys are also available in different heights and sizes.

tool trolleys


DEA cupboards, tall and capacious, are ideal for storing materials, spare parts and large instruments. Made of solid sheet metal and equipped with secure locking systems, our cabinets can also be transformed into convenient containers for PPE, overalls and bulky industrial equipment.


Discover the qualities of DEA industrial equipment

Why should you choose DEA industrial equipment to furnish your industrial workspace? For a number of reasons:

  • They can be assembled in a completely customised fashion to compose unique and completely tailor-made installations;
  • They reflect the quality of 100% Made in Italy products: resistance, top choice materials, safety, durability, range variety, impeccable design;
  • DEA goes far beyond the simple supply of industrial equipment. It offers a series of services, pre and post sales, which demonstrate the utmost attention paid to the customer.

If you would like to learn more about DEA industrial equipment, do not hesitate to contact our sales department! Our specialists will be happy to assist you with personalised advice.

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