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DEA for EF Racing: a high performance challenge

DEA’s motorsport workshop set-ups are getting to the heart of racing fans.

Let’s discover together why in this new execution for the multiple prizewinning champion Mr. Enrico Fulgenzi (EF Racing), who won the 6 Hours of Abu Dhabi race this last February 23.

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Requests for motorsport workshop set-ups

The demands of whoever prepares race cars are many, and don’t concern just the set-up of the car in itself. The choice of tools, components, workshop flooring, and furnishing modules is a stage in preparing the race itself. The one that has to be won! 

We were contacted by EF Racing because it needed to rethink from scratch its entire motorsport workshop set-up, and DEA accepted to take part in this challenge launched by an expert driver such as Mr. Enrico Fulgenzi.

EF Racing’s requests and DEA’s motorsport workshop project

The team’s requirements regarded:

•        a project that would take into account the workshop’s architectural barriers
•        complete cable integration
•        total customization of the furnishings 

The structure of EF Racing’s motorsport workshop

A column, a corner or a difference in level can condition the execution of a set-up and limit the choice of furnishing modules. In Mr. Enrico’s case, many furnishing components had to be arranged in the middle of the workshop, near a load-bearing column, with a complete integration of coilers and electric cables.

Thanks to the AR-077.02 module and the TOBLERON bench profile, all this is possible.

AR-077.02 module: the solution for workshop coilers 

The AR-077.02 module is a compact energy module built into DEA furniture. It can contain up to two pneumatic or electric coilers, and two industrial or civil sockets, according to requirements.

In this way those cables and hoses that before there was no room for in the workshop can be neatly tidied, with a high impact functional and aesthetic result.

workshop furniture layout

You will notice in the photo that the cables drop down the middle column and are placed directly inside the DEA furniture unit using the pre-cuts specifically provided in DEA's  modules.

Tobleron: the solution for electric sockets 

The Tobleron bench profile lets you work in total safety because the electric outlets and lift controls are built into the modules, in this way improving the motorsport workshop from the aesthetic and functional viewpoint.

Note the TOBLERON profile on the workbench in the photo.

Motorsport workshop customization: colors and modules upon request

Mr. Enrico’s other request was to fully customize the furnishing components of his workshop, so that they would reflect the colors of his race cars.

In recent years, DEA has considerably focused on the customization of its products since it understands that in sectors such as motorsports there is a need to create the furnishings for customers to measure. This is a reason why our racing furnishings are appreciated worldwide.

motorsport workshop layout

The result is evident in this set-up for the EF Racing workshop

The colors of the modules blend in with those of Mr. Enrico’s Porsches with a truly harmonious final effect in which the DEA modules almost pass unobserved.

A challenge won together

We are proud to have satisfied the wishes of Mr. Enrico Fulgenzi and of the entire EF Racing team by setting up a pleasant and functional workshop area.

DEA carefully listened to the customer's requests, and after analyzing the workshop plan and interviewing Enrico it created a high performance project that fully satisfied the customer.

Mr. Enrico Fulgenzi triumphed in the 6 Hours of Abu Dhabi and we want to celebrate this amazing goal with him and his team.

DEA is always by the side of the champions and of all workshop technicians because it shares their passion and determination.

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