Modular workshop furniture: what's the best solution?

Modular workshop furniture: what's the best solution?

Modular workshop furniture has the advantage of optimising space and allowing for extreme customisation of the installation. But where to start when choosing the number and types of units most suitable for your workshop? We can help you get started, with the first criterion being the specific area where the units will be installed.

The best way to furnish a workshop is with modular furniture, designed according to the conformation of the rooms and the types of work that take place at each workstation.

We offer 3 examples of modular workshop furniture in this article, distinguished according to the work area, plus some customisation tips:

Designing modular workshop furniture is important to create an efficient workshop: it is required to design a composition that makes the most of the available space, with an intelligent layout of the furniture. Nevertheless, for each section of the workshop – diagnostics, mechanical, assembly-dismantling - there are certain units that you cannot do without: this is why the first factor to consider when planning modular workshop furniture is its main function.

Modular furniture for the mechanical area

If the workstation is to be installed in the mechanical area, modular workshop furniture could include:

  • 1 large scratch-proof worktop which can also be used as a support surface for any need;
  • 1 unit with hinged door to integrate a column, or for example, a console for an elevator crane;
  • 1 trolley to house the most frequently used tools (even the heaviest ones such as pliers and hammers), and always have them at hand;
  • 1 fluid and energy dispenser to hold reels for oil (new or used), water and compressed air.

modular workshop furniture mechanical

Modular workshop furniture for the diagnostics area

The most suitable modular workshop furniture for the diagnostics area is composed of at least:

  • 1 indispensable scratch-proof worktop to hold diagnostic equipment;
  • 1 fixed drawer unit with high capacity drawers able to support heavy loads, over 30 kg;
  • several units with hinged doors and sliding doors that save space when open, also suitable for PC work stations;
  • 1 shelf unit for storing files, tool boxes, cartons, sprays, as well as monitors and paper holders
  • several special panels to house as many electrical sockets as you need.

Furniture for the vehicle assembly/dismantling area

Modular workshop furniture is also ideal in a body shop. The work area dedicated to dismantling and reassembling vehicles should ideally include:

  • 1 workbench with intermediate shelf to house various tools such as wrenches, clamps, screwdrivers or heavier tools;
  • 1 trolley drawer unit with lock to keep the contents secure;
  • 1 5-drawer unit to hold tools, documents and any type of object;
  • 1 perforated panel where you can hang the most frequently used tools and exploit space in height;
  • panels with electrical sockets, in a quantity to be determined based on the size of the workstation and the number of people using it.

The results that can be obtained thanks to modular furniture are practically infinite. View some compositions created by the DEA designers to get a clearer and more complete idea of the uses of the different modules.

View compositions


The choice of finishes to completely furnish the workshop

Customising DEA modular workshop furniture does not stop only with the different compositions that can be created, but also with the choice of finishes.

The following accessories can be added based on the individual needs according to how each piece of furniture used:

  • handle details;
  • trolley edge protection;
  • wood or steel worktops;
  • drawer liners;
  • stainless steel profiles.

Furthermore, you can also customise aesthetic details at will such as the paint colour and finish, also adaptable according to your coordinated image. This way you can create a more refined look and a well-defined identity for your workshop, as well as a more welcoming and stimulating work environment.

Have you picked out the modular furniture for your workshop?

In addition to functionality and aesthetics, modularity is another strong point of our workshop installations.

We always offer our customers the optimum response to their concrete requirements, based on careful evaluation of the case in point: contact us, and we can assess the space in your workshop, the working area layout and any critical issue. From design to after-sales, your DEA representative will be at your side to advise you on the best solutions.

Do you think modular workshop furniture is the right solution for your company? Browse the complete catalogue to discover all the choices or contact us for a personal consultation.

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