Industrial steel workbench: the benefits of DEA models

Industrial steel workbench: the benefits of DEA models

At an industrial level, there are many production contexts in which steel proves to be an unparalleled material, thanks to its hardness and excellent resistance to wear and abrasion. DEA produces industrial steel workbenches, available in many different models and sizes. Let's take a closer look at some examples and their advantages.

DEA industrial steel workbench models

DEA, for years involved in the supply and installation of workbenches for the world of workshops and industry, produces a wide range of industrial steel workbenches available in different models and sizes, ideal to furnish work spaces and areas according to the customer's specific needs. Here are a few examples.

industrial steel workbench

AR -268.11 industrial steel workbench

The AR-268.11 industrial steel workbench is made of steel and equipped with a drawer mounted on DEAmotion guides, with soft closing, and a shortened shelf with protective ABS coating.

This bench model is particularly suitable to house a PC and printer, in the shelf below, while the keyboard and mouse can be comfortably placed in the drawer.

The shortened shelf is specially designed to allow the operator to sit down and work on the PC.

 industrial steel workbench

AR -062.02 industrial steel workbench

The DEA AR-062.02 industrial steel workbench has the particularity of being double ( 144 cm wide and 66 cm deep ), thus offering ample storage space. Furthermore, it is equipped with protective ABS coating.

All these bench components are epoxy powder coated. Furthermore, both in the upper and rear area, it is equipped with pre-cuts which allow - during the installation phase - wiring or air pipes to be passed pass inside the bench shoulders.

industrial steel workbench

AR -145.02 industrial steel workbench

The AR-145.02 industrial steel workbench is triple( 216 cm wide and 66 cm deep ) in size, to ensure an even larger storage space, and is equipped with a shelf with protective ABS coating.

AR -145.02 industrial steel workbench

Industrial steel workbench advantages

An industrial steel workbench stands out for its durability and sturdiness, making it suitable for many uses in the industrial sector: production lines, processing lines, assembly lines, warehouses.

DEA industrial steel workbench advantages include:

  • Maximum resistance: the steel structure guarantees the optimal resistance to shocks, wear, abrasions and damage caused by any spills of oils and acids;
  • Easy to clean: steel, especially stainless steel, has exceptional physical properties that make it resistant to corrosion and extremely easy to keep clean and tidy;
  • Large load capacity: a DEA industrial steel workbench has a load capacity that can reach a maximum of 200 kg;
  • Peerless safety: where required, DEA allows you to add two additional safety elements to your bench, the anti-tipping system and key lock. The anti-tipping system works in such a way that, once a drawer is opened, the others lock automatically, thus preventing the weight from tipping the bench in any way. The key lock can be made with a classic key, badge or code; 
  • Maximum modularity: all DEA industrial workbenches are specially made to create installations with multiple elements (drawer units, cabinets, benches, worktops) which can be rearranged over time, depending on need.

Industrial workbench

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