Garage storage systems: every part in its place

Garage storage systems: every part in its place

How to store equipment, tools and spare parts in a mechanical workshop to be sure to immediately fined them when needed? Here are some of our garage storage system, their recommended use and potential customisations.

Garage storage systems are essentially necessary for two reasons:

  • In a well-organised garage, you can easily find spare parts, tools and equipment when needed;
  • If every thing is in its place, there is no chance it will be broken or damaged during car maintenance work.

Let's take a look at current garage storage solutions and their recommended uses.

A comparative table of the best garage storage systems

DEA Worklab manufactures a wide range of modular furniture intended to store tools, documents, spare parts and everything used during the work day. Here is a bit of information that can help you understand which systems to choose for your garage.





Large spare parts, power tools, documents.

Two-door cabinet with interior shelves.

Key lock and handle.

Drawer units

Small parts, common tools (keys, scissors, wrenches, etc.), small measuring tools, folders.

5-drawer unit, fully extensible with soft closure. Key lock, ergonomic handle, epoxy painted and slots on back.


Elevator crane console, PC station, cleaning accessories.

Single door module with sliding door, key lock, ergonomic handle, epoxy painted and slots.


Tyres, spare parts, diagnostic tools.

Tyre bench, with ABS top, adjustable feet, two tyre stop rollers and stainless steel base.

Wall furnishings

Folders, tool boxes, boxes, spray cans, PC monitor.

Single shelf unit with tilt opening, gas pistons, key lock, internal adjustable shelf and ergonomic handle.

Ecological containers

Recyclable waste collection

Module with 4 containers (double extractable container, two drawers with extractable containers), front or top access, stainless steel components.

Storage and fluid and energy distribution systems

Oil, waste oil, water, air, antifreeze, wiper detergent, electricity reels.

Module with 6 reels at the top (oil, air electricity), steel plate, drip tray, high capacity double doors.


These are only some examples of our storage systems, essential in keeping the workspace free, tidy and accessible. All solutions are modular and customisable in colour, finish and size, to adapt to the space and shape of your service centre.

Through this wide range of products, the DEA Team creates configurations tailored to your needs and your business.

How efficient storage systems are created

DEA has been manufacturing customised storage systems for over twenty years and it has developed a well-established work method over all these years.

Our team's work includes these phases:

  • Definition of objectives, thanks to an interview with the customer and shared garage layout;
  • Inspection, where our designers evaluate any critical issues and obstacles to circumvent;
  • 3D rendering, a graphic realisation of the complete storage system;
  • Presentation to the customer, during which we explain the virtual project, examining every single configuration of the storage system in detail;
  • Completion of the project, from production of the set up, passing to assembly and reaching quality control;
  • Turnkey installation of all modules.

Furthermore, once the project is completed, our customers can always count on our after-sales support, one of our greatest strengths.

Do you want to learn more about our garage storage systems?

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