Discovering DEA, the virtual tour that brings us closer together

Discovering DEA, il tour virtuale che ci rende più vicini

Customer relations have always been of paramount importance to us. Now you can further shorten the distance thanks to Discovering DEA, a new engaging and interactive experience that can be used from anywhere in the world, to visit our company from the comfort of your own office.

The things that make a company truly exceptional are the people and the relationships that are formed between them. The exceptional circumstances of recent times have, however, forced us to decrease personal contact, relying solely on technology.
It is through technology that we wanted to break down all barriers and get closer to the people who want to find out about us and our products.

With a virtual tour that takes visitors to each and every part of our company, you can now enjoy our Reggio Emilia headquarters from miles away.

The Discovering DEA tour can be booked by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

The friendliness of a tour, the practicality of digital

This new innovation we have introduced into the company is more than a means of communication: it's a change that brings DEA even closer to all the businesses that want to get to know us better and start working with us.

Workshops and companies that are far away can easily learn about our work without investing money in a trip. Now everyone can explore the environments where we work and capture the essence of what we do every day.

Through Discovering DEA we leverage all the advantages of digital to better communicate our values, show how our iconic products are created and, above all, convey our passion, the engine that drives us to do our best in all aspects of our work.

See for yourself how our clients' projects take shape.

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