Create your own workshop cabinet systems with modular furniture

Crea i tuoi sistemi di armadi per officina con gli arredi modulari

If you have to furnish your garage work spaces with new cabinets, we suggest you choose modular systems that ensure many advantages and peerless convenience. Learn how to make your workstations efficient and exclusive with DEA Worklab.

Why choose workshop cabinet systems with modular furniture? First of all, it is a flexible solution that allows you to create tailor-made compositions. Furthermore, starting from a range of basic modules that are repeated, it is also possible to adapt furniture to the available surfaces and the desired uses.

Let's take a closer look at how you can create customised cabinet systems.

First step: choose the perfect models for your cabinet system

The DEA range of doors and special cabinets boasts a wide variety of models to choose from to create workstations in the workshop: with single, double or shutter doors, they are all equipped with a solid metal frame and a safety lock.

workshop cabinet systems - models

Depending on the storage needs and space available in the workshop, you can choose between small (90 cm high), medium (110 cm) or large (200 cm) cabinets.

Workshop cabinet systems can be completed with simple worktops, or accessories such as a sink or a PC workstation.


workshop cabinet systems examples

With DEA you can choose from more than 20 cabinet variables, all with the elegance and practicality that distinguish our brand.

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Second step: complete the cabinet system with complementary modules for workshops

Whatever your work needs, a modular cabinet system is the best way to guarantee flexibility and efficiency in the management of tools, components, distribution channels and documents of all kinds. But often it is not clear which way to start to compose your ideal station.

This is why our designers have created an entire range of compositions to show how the various modules can be combined in different ways, composing single or double workstations designed for any type of workshop, body shop or service centre.

workshop cabinet systems compositions

Impeccable design has always been our added value: once you have chosen the modules you can decide whether to keep the classic anthracite grey colour, or customise your cabinet systems with colours and finishes that reflect your image.


Discuss your needs with us and we will suggest the workshop cabinets that best suit you. You can browse our complete catalogue or you can ask for a consultation and leave everything to our experts.

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