2022 automotive and industry trade fairs | DEA invites you to participate

2022 automotive and industry trade fairs | DEA invites you to participate

Following the Las Vegas NADA Show, we will present our configurations and new modules in Bologna, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.
Here are the trade fairs in which DEA will participate as exhibitor:

From 25 to 28 May 2022

We are returning as leaders to this Trade Fair that in recent years has given us so much satisfaction.
Visitors will be able to see for themselves that the DEA modules feature quality and efficiency unique on the workshop furnishings scene.
We are experts in automotive and motorsport set-ups.
Come discover our Turn-key service.
We’ll be waiting for you at the Bologna trade fair!

LOGIMAT in Stuttgart
From May 31 to June 2, 2022

We are finally ready to display the new modules designed for the world of industry.
DEA is a trailblazer at the international level, or that is to say, we test innovative solutions in specific contexts.
We know how important the safety and health of workers are. This is why we have designed and built modules 90 and 110 cm tall specifically for the manufacturing sector.
The modules are easier to reach, workers don’t have to continuously bend over, and the health and safety of employees is improved, all this with the goal of optimizing the production cycles of your company.
If you want to improve the quality of your employees’ work, and in this way optimize production, don't miss the Stuttgart exhibition!

MECSPE in Bologna
From June 9 to 11, 2022

For the second time DEA will take part in MECSPE, the Bologna trade fair dedicated to the world of industry.
We will present our tailor-made solutions designed just for the manufacturing sector.
This year, among other things we will present the new TOOL HOLDER TROLLEY for improving finishing and super-finishing machining.
DEA offers solutions that optimize the production cycles of companies and improve the health and safety of workers. Just like the 90 and 110 cm tall modules! One of a kind on the international scene.
Taller lines and improved component ease of use.
We look forward to seeing you at MECSPE in Bologna!
Come see us and seize the opportunity to explain your requirements to us.

From 13 to 17 september 2022

We are coming back to this trade fair with enormous pleasure.
We met some of our best customers who were AUTOMECHANIKA visitors.
DEA has brought design and customization to workshops, an important innovation in this sector.
At the trade fair, you will grasp the reason why the big Car Makers have selected us as a partner.
DEA makes its compositions customized to its customer’s requirements, and thank to its Turn-key service, it simplifies all the steps leading to the final realization.
Those who chose DEA for furnishing their workshops can rely on a service that ranges from design and testing to transport of the final set-up’s components.
The Frankfurt show awaits you!

Come take a close-up look at the DEA world.

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