Custom workbenches

The custom made workbenches signed by DEA are instantly recognizable thanks to three of their most evident characteristics:

  • structure and high quality materials, which make each bench a concentrate of efficiency;
  • modularity, which allows you to create custom compositions for each service center;
  • aesthetic, our distinctive feature.

Our custom workbenches are well known for their elegance, but also because they are a valuable tool for heavy duty work. In fact, our benches have scratch-proof and shock-proof surfaces, a large capacity for significant weights and protection against aggressive or corrosive chemicals. All these features make these workbenches the best components for your garage.

Custom work benches for garages and body shops

Our workbenches can be customized by adding any product from our workshop furniture range you need, creating compositions for different kinds of work.

Also, you can choose the color which best represents your brand or your identity. You can also add any detail (like profiles or handles) that can make a work bench truly yours.

In this page you will find some advice from our team concerning custom workbenches. For any further information, feel free to contact our professionals.


Workshop furniture: design and practicality by DEA

Workshop forniture: when design meets practicality

A beautiful, clean and tidy workshop conveys trust to customers and convinces them to choose you as their partner. When you evaluate workshop furniture, therefore, you have to pay attention to the aesthetics of the workbenches, cabinets, tool trolleys, but also to their practicality. DEA workshop furniture is the perfect solution for any type of business, combining refined design with maximum practicality.

New DEA installation for SSR Performance in Munich

Nuovo allestimento DEA per SSR Performance a Monaco

The classic DEA modular furniture, details that make the workstations unique and unusual painting techniques: these are the ingredients of the new Made in Italy workshop installation in Munich.

Another challenge won by DEA: workshop furniture in a container

Another challenge won by DEA: workshop furniture in a container

Workshop furniture in a container just over two metres wide? With DEA it was not only possible, but the result really exceeded all expectations. We designed a customised solution for a luxury sector businessman, which would overcome the challenges of an uncomfortable environment.

Heavy duty workbench tops: what are the features?

Heavy duty workbench tops: what are there features?

A workbench top is key to easily completing daily tasks in the workshop. However, investing in a workbench top may prove to be a failure if it is not as resistant as it should be since it may deteriorate or even break at the drop of a hat. Here is what it should have to meet all your needs.

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