Workshop workbenches: the models specific to motorsport

Workshop workbenches: the models specific to motorsport

The motorsport sector targets exclusivity, quality, prestige and strong visual identity: this is why DEA workshop workbenches are the preferred choice of this sector's workshops.

Workshop workbenches for the motorsport sector must always offer something more, an added value:

  • customisation
  • exclusivity
  • top quality
  • a unique and recognisable design.

DEA workshop workbenches meet all these requirements: here's our range.

DEA workshop workbenches: first, modularity

First of all, our workshop workbenches can be combined starting from a variety of modules:

  • the actual workbench
  • drawer units and tool trolleys
  • cabinets and industrial cabinets
  • wall modules and wall tool panels
  • sorted waste collection modules or those for fluid and energy distribution
  • a wide range of accessories.

Modularity is the first added value: it allows each workshop space to be intelligently exploited and provides high flexibility of use, even long-term. If the workspace needs to be changed in the future? To meet new needs, just add new modules or remove those you no longer use.


Second, customisation and quality

All DEA workshop workbenches are specifically designed to adapt to the customer's workspace and desires: customisation is key.

We know how the works environment can convey important messages to potential and actual customers; this is why one of our goals is to create custom installations, able to fully reflect the corporate identity.

Superior quality standards must be pursued to achieve this goal: our workshop workbench production is fully in-house and subject to stringent quality controls. Each workbench must meet the mandatory requirements: wear and rust resistance, mechanical stress resistance, capacity, capability, ergonomics, safety.


Third, finishing and accessories

DEA workshop workbenches are known for their finishing: the finishings are meticulous, from the chrome-plated handles to the adjustable feet, from the stainless steel edge guards to corner guards, from drawer mats to taps for part sinks without overlooking the wide range of accessories to customise furnishings.

Each component aims to reflect the care and attention that the workshop invests in maintaining its customers' vehicles.

In a word: exclusivity

The furnishings we create with our workshop workbenches thus become unique: each workshop is distinctive, immediately recognisable. Each component is exclusive, each detail sophisticated and refined. What we create are exclusive workshops for exclusive vehicles: nothing is more apropos for the motorsport sector.

Do you want to learn more about all our workbench designs for motorsport workshops? Contact us, no strings attached, or download our free catalogue.


Lino Di Betta
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