Garage workbenches: better single, double or triple?

Garage workbenches: better single, double or triple?

Do you have to choose a new garage workbench for your workshop but don't know where to start? We'll give you some tips, showing you the most popular and available models.

First of all, garage workbenches differ in shape, then by construction material and, consequently, by the performance they guarantee. Here's why we'll tell you:

  • Which are the most popular and efficient models (single, double and triple)
  • Where to place them in the garage
  • Which features they need to provide resistance and durability

All the possible garage workbenches

Our range of garage workbenches includes models for any need since designed to attentively incorporate our customers' requests and critiques. Our range is summarised in the table below.

No. of modules

Height (standard)



90 cm

The 1-module garage workbench (width 72 cm) is best to contain small spare parts (filters, shock absorbers, lights), tools you rarely use or consumables (paper, tape, detergents). The model with drawers, on the other hand, is perfect to hold a laptop or PC.


Reception and diagnostics zones.

110 cm


90 cm

Double benches (width144 cm) are designed to hold medium-sized spare parts (such as body parts), presses, clamps or gauges.


Mechanics, diagnostics, assembly-dismantling, spare parts room.

110 cm


90 cm

Triple benches (width 216 cm) are designed for large parts (engines, brake systems) trolleys or saw-horses, painting, welding tools, hydraulic lifts, etc.


Mechanics, alignment-tire area, assembly-dismantling, engine room.

110 cm


90 cm

Tire bench, specifically designed to hold tires when taken off the vehicle. Thus perfect for the assembly-dismantling or alignment-tire areas.

DEA Worklab garage and body shop workbenches

That's all for the available range, let's now take a look at the features. The aspects shared by all our garage, bike and body shop workbenches are:

  1. Material quality. Robust sheet metal frame, painted with epoxy powder and ABS top: these are the technical features that characterise DEA workbenches and make them resistant and durable.
  2. Practicality. Adjustable feet and perforations: two details that make it that much easier to adjust the workbench to your specific needs. Perforations make wire and hose threading easy.
  3. Design and customisation. Third but not last, aesthetics is one of the most distinctive features of our workbenches; the aesthetic impact is high with a wide range of possible customisations, from colour to top finish, which can also be stainless steel.

Do you want to learn more about our furniture or request a free estimate for your service centre? Contact us without obligation.


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