Are you looking for a heavy duty workbench? Start here

Are you looking for a heavy duty workbench? Start here

Not all workshop or body shop workbenches are heavy duty: we'll explain all the features of a high-quality workbench to help you choose the best models to furnish your service centre.

What does a heavy duty workbench mean? Heavy duty is found in various aspects:

  • Scratch-proof and shock-proof surfaces
  • Large capacity for significant weights
  • Protection against aggressive or corrosive chemicals

Let's take a closer look at these aspects and find some truly heavy duty workbenches.

Mechanical and chemical resistance

A workbench is constantly subject to the weight of spare parts and vehicle parts. It is a place use to rest tools and gauges, a surface used for simple operations such as cleaning, or complex ones such as cutting and welding.

For this reason, the most resistant workbenches share some features:

  • Scratch-proof and shock-proof surfaces, that make them immune to cuts, grooves, deformations and breaks even in the event of accidental tool or part falls.
  • High capacity. Imagine you have to rest a large body part or engine on the workbench: are you sure it can withstand it? Only rely on thick, resistant workbenches made of solid sheet metal and designed so that all its parts remain attached even under the weight of large objects.
  • Protection against chemicals. A heavy duty workbench (better if equipped with a stainless steel surface) is never ruined if solvent is accidentally spilled on its surface, it does not absorb oil stains and does not even deteriorate after repeated cleaning, even with the most aggressive detergents.

Given these needs, which technical specifications should you keep in mind?

Our solutions: tops, paints and solid frames

We have designed our workbenches with specific tops, frames and finishes to guarantee resistance from each of these aspects.

  1. It must be painted with epoxy powder that guarantees mechanical, chemical and, above all, corrosion resistance but also shock resistance, durability, lower cost and high aesthetics.
  2. To further ensure this, the workbench top is covered in ABS, a thermoplastic polymer known for its durability, shock resistance and heat resistance. It withstands water, saline solution, solvents, diluted acids and oil.
  3. Sheet metal, stainless steel surfaces and adjustable feet contribute to workbench capacity, that resist the pressure of high loads. For better weight distribution you can also add intermediate shelves and drawers.

Heavy duty workbenches and different dimensions

Our workbenches come in different sizes to adapt to the various areas in the service centre and small and large work stations.

Specifically, they come in two heights (90 cm and 110 cm), and different widths for each height:

  • 1-module workbench (72 cm)
  • 2-module workbench (144 cm)
  • 3-module workbench (216 cm)

You can choose one or the other singularly or combine a few in custom compositions according to need.

Do you want to learn more about our heavy duty workbench range? Visit the specific section or contact us.


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